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Welcome to Westchester Flying Club

Welcome to our Club website.  The Westchester Flying Club provides safe, convenient and economical flying to its members, along with the social and educational benefits of spending time with like minded pilots. Our 75 member club is based at Westchester County Airport (HPN) and has been here since the 1960s.

Current Aircraft Rates

The following is a live feed from the accounting system and represents the current rates based on Tach time and including fuel.

Current membership dues are $190/month.

Westchester Flying Club Prospectus

The Westchester Flying Club was formed in February 1982 as the result of a merger between the Sound Beach Flying Club and the White Plains Flying Club.  Both of the clubs which merged had been continuously based at the Westchester County Airport since the 1960s.

The Club's purpose is to provide safe, economical flying to its members.  However, the social aspects of our flying fraternity should not go unmentioned.  Friendships formed at our meetings and at the airport are shared with our families and friends at fly-ins, summer outings, and our Annual Dinner.


Scheduling of Club aircraft is done online, by mobile device or by telephone. The booking rules are liberal, with no daily minimums. Aircraft may be taken for up to 14 consecutive days, or longer with prior approval. Hourly rates are very competitive and based on tach times. An example of scheduling system screen is shown above.  

Active club members can access scheduling system using ScheduleMaster link. 

Westchester Airport Directions

Our planes are located at Ross West FBO (Tango Tie Down).

Map view of Tango Tie Down, Westchester County Airport.   The best place to park is noted on this map.

Driving Directions

(use "67 Tower Road, White Plains, NY" for GPS directions)

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