In this example, we will drop a table named test using the following query. A schema can only be dropped by its owner or a superuser. Imagine you have a list of tables in your Oracle DB and you want to drop them all using a client like SQLDeveloper. What objects are present in the user_objects view when logged in using sys/sysdba user? MySQL drop all tables syntax: DROP DATABASE {mysql-database-name}Method #1: Empty database with root user. Hi guys! Step 1: Generate a List of Drop Table Statements For All Tables. Drop all tables in Oracle DB (scheme) Submitted by Jochus on Mon, 10/05/2010 - 23:47 | Posted in: Database. Drop Schema is a command that drops a respective schema from the database server. Query below lists all tables in specific schema in SQL Server database. Is there a quick way in T-SQL of dropping all the tables that are associated with a particular schema? Login as MySQL root or admin user to drop atomstore database: Since the intention is to drop all the objects for a schema, why not just drop and recreate that schema with all the required privileges (since they "said" - "we have DBA access" to the database), rather than dropping each and every objects. Query select schema_name(t.schema_id) as schema_name, as table_name, t.create_date, t.modify_date from sys.tables t where schema_name(t.schema_id) = 'Production' -- put schema name here order by table… Will it drop all the tables of all the schemas in the database or will the query throw an error? Syntax DROP SCHEMA [ IF EXISTS ] schemaName Example You can get a list of all tables in your MySQL database by running this query: SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'database_name'; Replace the word “database_name” with the name of your database. Syntax: DROP {DATABASE | SCHEMA} [IF EXISTS] db_name Drop schema in PostgreSQL 9.3.13. Learn how to drop all tables in your schema in Postgres using the command line. It will not work from the current schema. That's easier said then done, as you have to drop each table … Drop Schema in MySQL [5.7] DROP DATABASE drops all tables in the database and deletes the database. But what if this query is run by the DBA with a SYS or SYSDBA login? Dropping all tables from a specific schema. Confirm with: select * from user_objects Also, just to add, the Pl/sql block in your question will delete only tables, it doesn't delete all other objects. Drop all tables for a given schema... Neil Toulouse (Programmer) (OP) 1 Nov 11 08:56. DROP SCHEMA is a synonym for DROP DATABASE. This is a quick tutorial showing how to delete all tables of a MySQL / MariaDB database instantly bypassing the foreign key constraints in a couple of easy steps in Navicat . Not all of them will execute - if you drop with cascade, dropping the PK_* indices will fail. DROP SCHEMA removes schemas from the database. DROP TABLE test; The above query produces the following output. Intention is to drop only objects of Schema 'A'. This will produce a list of drop statements. (6) row (s) effected Drop Schema. Database. TIA I originally set about changing the ownership instead to [dbo], but realised they already existed in that schema, so I just need to delete them. But in the end, you will have a pretty clean schema. Use this query to select and drop all tables of a schema drop user CASCADE; then re-create that schema … Your result may look like this: In order to use this procedure you must have the drop and create database privilege (otherwise you will drop database but not able to create it again). Dropping Tables of a MySQL / MariaDB Schema All At Once Looking for a short way to drop all tables of a MySQL or MariaDB database?